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Developing a Reliable Recruitment Process

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A national property development company did not have the internal capacity to fill its openings and hoped to bring a consistent recruitment practice to the field. The company wanted to develop a reliable process that could present top-grade talent while bringing consistency to the types of individuals hired.

The company needed to fill several Assistant Mall Manager openings and previously relied on the individual Mall Managers to fill these positions, which resulted in inconsistent quality and time-to-fill, as well as lost time managing the business. The company quickly developed a plan of action -- find a recruitment firm that could determine the ideal candidate type for the position as well as develop a consistent message to deliver to the market.


HRworks delegated an experienced team of recruiters and trained the team on the specific client's need and branding. Smaller teams were assigned to different markets and researched the competitors within the market. In addition to Internet mining, HRworks recruiters were able to direct source and network with candidates through various associations.

Although the client wanted a consistent recruitment process, the Assistant Mall Managers had different requirements due to each individual mall's status (i.e. newly acquired, expanding, renovating). Therefore, the HRworks Project Manager remained flexible and the recruitment team was able to continually readjust searches to meet each mall's individual needs.


The company was impressed -- HRworks provided a total recruitment solution rather than a piece. Not only were HRworks recruiters able to source candidates, but recruiters also qualified the candidates and helped in scheduling interviews. HRworks generated a slate of candidates for each of the markets that could act as an ongoing talent pipeline for future hiring initiatives, resulting in better talent and improved time-to-fill.

Additionally, as the job specifications changed for the different positions, the HRworks Project Manager remained adaptable while keeping candidates interested throughout the entire interview process. By having HRworks leverage the recruitment process, the company was able to identify the changing needs of its field organization, effectively fill the openings and allow its field managers to stay focused on managing the business.

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