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Recruitment Engagement Requires Quick Hiring of Customer Service Representatives

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A company needed to hire 11 internal customer service representatives within a 17-day period. With an overextended recruitment team that was unable to scale to support this additional hiring, the company needed an alternative solution.

Due to the short time frame for this hiring goal, the company searched for a recruitment firm that could quickly deliver over 30 candidates to two separate interview dates. Since the company was so limited on time, it needed to identify a recruitment solution that had the expertise, a proven record and the ability to scale to meet the company's aggressive recruitment needs.


Based on HRworks' recruitment methodology and proven metrics, the team determined how many recruiters would be required considering the number of candidates needed and the short time frame. The individual recruiters were then assigned to the project based on their unique expertise - each having experience in successfully recruiting IT positions while working on large-scale projects. Additionally, HRworks set daily goals for the team to ensure that sufficient candidates were delivered to each interview date.

To find top candidates for the open positions, HRworks first collaborated with the client's management to determine the characteristics of the ideal candidate. Then, the HRworks recruitment team strategized to develop a call list by identifying key competitors in the market. In addition to direct sourcing and Internet mining, recruiters networked with trade schools, technical schools, technical programs, colleges and universities in the area.

When recruiting, HRworks operated within the client's applicant tracking system (ATS). Due to the abbreviated recruitment window, it was imperative that the HRworks recruiters maintained frequent communication with candidates to ensure that there was a low dropout rate. The keep-warm strategy employed by HRworks was successful, and 36 interested and qualified candidates were provided to the client to be interviewed for the open positions.


HRworks effectively delivered 36 candidates in only 17 days to meet the client's hiring goal. Not only did HRworks recruiters source passive talent, but the team utilized a behavioral interview to qualify candidates, assisted the client in scheduling interviews, completed pre-interview testing, and operated directly inside of the client's ATS. Due to the client's partnership with HRworks, the company's hiring goals were achieved despite the overextension of its internal recruitment team.

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