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Efficiently Sourcing Executive Talent

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When a high-level, strategic employee unexpectedly leaves a company, it is vital that the position is filled promptly to minimize damage and maintain focus. Therefore, when this situation arises, companies often hire search firms to recruit top candidates.

A leading retail company experienced this situation and acted quickly to find a replacement for the Director of Construction position. Although the position required significant construction experience, the candidate also needed to have international experience and come from a big-box retailer.

The company's previous construction-recruiting company was unable to present candidates that met all qualifications. Therefore, the company needed an alternative solution to the industry-specific firm that was unable to deliver. Due to the specifications for filling this position, the company needed a search firm with extensive capabilities. The retail company wanted a cost-effective solution to find an exceptionally qualified candidate.


The company partnered with HRworks to fill the position as quickly as possible without sacrificing talent. In addition, the company hoped to minimize the financial repercussions that could result without a Director of Construction. Since this position is extremely strategic, it was important that HRworks find a new director as soon as possible.

Through a direct sourcing strategy and leveraging from a large staff of recruiters, HRworks was able to search for candidates that met the company's precise requirements. Although the criteria were extremely particular, HRworks was able to present several qualified candidates.


The company successfully filled the Director of Construction position with help from HRworks. Because HRworks was able to present candidates meeting all qualifications in only three weeks, the company was able to successfully hire a Director of Construction at a cost of only 4.5 percent of annual salary. In contrast, a traditional search firm would have charged approximately 25 to 30 percent of the hire's starting annual salary. This resulted in the company saving approximately 40 thousand dollars.

Since receiving its first construction position assignment from the company, HRworks has received five additional construction projects.

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