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Sourcing Hard-To-Find Skills Quickly and Cost-Effectively

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In today's fast-paced business world workforce planning can be nearly impossible, and internal recruitment teams and resources are often limited. These realities put companies in a tough position when it's time to quickly acquire top talent with hard-to-find skills in order to launch critical new business initiatives.

One company recently needed experienced individuals with niche technical skills from a specific financial industry for a new product launch. Finding this skill-set was a challenge in itself, but the company also required candidates with leadership, project management and senior consulting experience. With only four weeks to make the hires, finding and acquiring qualified candidates for such positions would be a daunting challenge for any company.


HRworks met with the client's hiring mangers and leadership to understand the unique industry and skill needs. It then audited the client's recruitment processes to incorporate existing best practices into the new recruitment strategy. The new strategy penetrated the niche market for qualified candidates who fit the company culture. HRworks also developed standardized, accurate and complete position descriptions and candidate profile formats to ensure the candidates would be consistently top-quality and on-target.

HRworks certified its team of recruiters on the client's business, culture, position requirements and qualification tools. The team then actively and strategically sourced candidates from a broad range of channels, including the client's competitors, industry associations, financial and software user groups, Internet job boards, corporate career postings, and employee and candidate referrals.

The HRworks Project Manager closely monitored the recruitment process and provided regular reports to the client on progress, challenges and opportunities. This constant monitoring and regular communication with the client allowed the team to strategically scale the recruitment process up or down as needed to maintain speed and precision.


HRworks produced top-quality candidates with the right skills and cultural fit at an average cost of hire dramatically lower than the industry average of 25 to 35 percent. In all, the client reduced its average recruitment costs by 75 percent.

HRworks has placed more than 100 talented individuals with the client over the past year. These individuals are now assets to Sales, Human Resources, Information Technology and Administration, playing a critical role in driving the company's growth.

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