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Rapid Recruitment Decreases Revenue Loss

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Loss prevention positions are critical in shrink reduction and lessening of internal theft. Therefore, when a large retailer had a decrease in Loss Prevention Investigators in a short period of time, filling these vacancies was imperative. The longer the positions remained unfilled, the greater potential impact on the bottom line.

The company knew they needed to find a solution quickly. Since there were 14 openings across two states, the company needed the capability to simultaneously recruit the positions across different geographies. The urgency of the need and the geographic isolation caused the company to look beyond their HR department and consider an outside recruitment vendor.


The company selected HRworks due to its scalability and flexibility, as well as the need for a quick solution. With only 17 days to recruit, HRworks had several recruiters working quickly to identify, screen and present candidates. To the company's surprise, the first candidates were presented within two days of being assigned to the project.

Prior to presenting any candidates to the company, the candidates were screened through assessments to ensure consistent candidate quality. HRworks utilized tracking and presentation spreadsheets to easily deliver the candidates to the HR managers. To accommodate the HR managers' busy schedules, the candidates' information and résumés were delivered directly to the manager to arrange times for interviews.


The scalability and flexibility of the HRworks team was critical in delivering candidates in these wideranging locations, exceeding the client's expectations. Since HRworks presented 45 interested and qualified candidates for 14 locations, the company was impressed with the selection for the available positions.

By completing the recruitment initiative in only 17 days, HRworks saved the company time and alleviated the company's potential revenue loss.

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