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Cost-Effective Recruitment of Specialized Executive

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As young companies expand, ensuring that additional companies can be successfully acquired and merged is a difficult mission. Therefore, flawless technology is imperative in guaranteeing that talented companies can effortlessly experience monumental growth. A nationwide specialty retailer was confronted with this situation and needed to hire a Director of IT Integration. Since this position was vital to the successful expansion of the company, finding experienced candidates was required.

Traditional search firms often have high search fees for a candidate at this level. Therefore, an executive search at a rate of 25 to 30 percent of the hire's annual salary would cost the company between 40 and 50 thousand dollars. In addition to the high cost for a traditional search firm, candidates are often hurried through the process regardless of how well they complement the open position. Traditional firms also frequently present candidates to multiple clients.

In order to efficiently fill the Director of IT Integration position, the company wanted to experience business development without financial detriment. If incapable of successfully filling this position, the company would be unable to manage its rapid expansion.


HRworks collaborated with the company to find an ideal candidate for the Director of IT Integration position. By exercising a multi-pronged approach to recruitment, HRworks was able to deliver several promising candidates for consideration by the company.

Meticulous time was spent with the client's hiring manager to determine the required qualifications for all candidates. In addition to ensuring that candidates met all criteria established by the hiring manager, HRworks guaranteed that all candidates were also interested in working for the company. Upon building a client-intimate relationship, HRworks was able to exceed the company's expectations by assisting with scheduling of multiple interviews for candidates, messaging consistently throughout the marketplace and providing the company with weekly email and phone updates.

In addition to catering to the needs of the company, HRworks also maintained a unique relationship with the candidates. HRworks exhaustively informed candidates throughout the entire process.


Utilizing HRworks allowed the company to successfully and effectively fill the position, saving over 30 thousand dollars compared to the cost of a traditional executive search firm. HRworks understood the company's business need, enabling accurate selling of the position and overcoming of any potential objections.

After this initial and valuable partnership, the company has given HRworks approximately 20 additional recruitment projects.

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