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Speed and Scalability to Meet Business-Critical Goals

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Change keeps many of today's industry-leading companies lean and competitive. In today's dynamic market, restructuring and reducing in-house recruitment staffs have become business as usual. While having a small recruitment staff may have a positive impact on the bottom line, it can limit the bandwidth needed to manage a spike in recruitment needs. So companies are finding innovative solutions to maintain quality, scalability and flexibility in hiring during times of change.

An industry-leading logistics company recently reduced its in-house recruitment staff by 40 percent. Shortly after this restructuring, a seasonal hiring variation kicked in that required a massive hiring initiative beyond the scope of the limited recruiting staff and existing technology and infrastructure. Needing to make the hires quickly, there wasn't time to implement complex new solutions.


Instead, the company partnered with HRworks. They worked closely together to create and execute a recruitment strategy that leveraged the client's existing technology, maximized existing recruitment resources, and took advantage of HRworks' ability to scale rapidly. The client continued to recruit in as many markets as it could manage effectively with its internal team, and HRworks was given exclusive recruitment responsibilities for the remaining markets.

HRworks provided the client with a single point of contact, helping to ensure the project and candidate quality were on-target enterprise-wide. HRworks managed the entire recruitment channel from vacancy through onboarding.

HRworks not only focused on providing candidates to meet the immediate seasonal challenge, it improved the client's existing process to create a long-term solution to meet future seasonal hiring variations.


HRworks leveraged the client's existing recruitment team and technology, and provided an innovative process and team structure that provided continuity in hiring. With the improved process, recruitment was easier and faster for the client's recruiters than it had been before reducing the staff. Positions that had been open for more than six months were filled within 30 days of partnering with HRworks. Additionally, the client has adopted HRworks' proven recruitment process for all its hiring needs, and the ongoing partnership allows the client to focus on business-critical goals while operating successfully with a dramatically reduced in-house recruitment team.

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