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Speedy Recruitment Helps Maintain Client Relationships

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Companies are often faced with predicaments that could potentially result in loss of clients. Since companies rely on their clients for business, poor relationships between companies and clients could result in unfavorable outcomes, such as losing significant sources of revenue.

A retail demonstration management company encountered this situation when required to fill 45 positions for clients in approximately two months. If the company was unable to fill these positions within the proper timetable, they would likely lose considerable business. In addition, this project was critical for the company and could initiate extensive growth if successfully completed.

To fully accomplish this assignment, the company needed a recruitment firm that could position recruiters accurately in order to quickly find qualified candidates. In addition, because numerous positions needed to be filled, the company desired a cost-effective solution with a single point-of-contact.


The company joined together with HRworks to fill the positions with talented candidates at a low cost. HRworks primarily used an Internet-based strategy to find candidates meeting the qualifications.

HRworks utilized a fast-paced strategy with only one point-of-contact, ensuring that the company could receive frequent and unambiguous updates on the status of the project. Since a large number of positions needed to be filled in a short time, it was imperative that HRworks implemented a quick and effective strategy. Rather than sacrificing quality to meet time constraints, HRworks simply moved in a fast-paced manner without wasting time.

HRworks operated as a seamless solution for the client. The client's best interests were always kept in mind and the company was given frequent updates to remain informed on the status of the recruitment project.


Since these positions were so vital to the company's success, the company was relieved that HRworks quickly presented qualified candidates. This effectiveness resulted in a cost of less than 10 percent of the annual salary for each position, which is a fraction of the cost of the traditional search firm.

HRworks exceeded the company's expectations throughout the process, primarily in speed and quality. When searching for a large quantity of candidates in a short time, many companies may sacrifice quality of the candidates. However, the company was pleased with the quality of the candidates presented by HRworks.

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