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Reorganization Initiative Mandates Quick and Compliant Recruitment

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When a leading computer manufacturer offered an early enhanced retirement initiative to right-size and reorganize the workforce, the company was left with over 1,000 professional openings. This workforce shortage created a significant demand for recruitment that exceeded the bandwidth of the company’s experienced team of corporate recruiters. Using traditional retained or contingent search was not a cost-effective option and hiring contract recruiters would take too long and put added pressure on the existing team.

Without rapidly filling these critical roles, the company’s bottom-line performance would be dramatically impacted. Additionally, the company’s Human Resources leadership team recognized the importance of finding a knowledgeable, OFCCP-compliant solution to mitigate risktion.


Since the computer manufacturing company required a recruitment solution that could rapidly scale while maintaining compliance, the company selected HRworks as its partner. To maximize results and minimize confusion among hiring managers, HRworks replicated the company’s existing recruitment process. HRworks project managers and recruiters used creative sourcing techniques and proprietary project management software in conjunction with the client’s existing technology and practices. This allowed HRworks to maximize the brand as well as consider internal candidates where appropriate and source external talent as needed.

HRworks recruiters were certified on the client to ensure proficient and consistent recruitment. The recruiter training included information sessions on company history, culture, values, recruitment technology, as well as the company’s interviewing and hiring process. During the training, emphasis was placed on documenting OFCCP-compliant practices. Following this certification process, HRworks was initially assigned a core group of requisitions, and then operated as an on-demand solution for subsequent requisitions across the enterprise that were not being addressed in a timely or efficient manner.


HRworks rapidly filled the original 125 core requisitions and operated as an important recruitment solution company-wide. In the first six months of recruitment, HRworks filled over 250 positions with top talent and mitigated the liability associated with recruitment non-compliance. As a result of HRworks’ sourcing and recruitment efforts, the company recognized millions of dollars in recruitment savings when compared to the traditional contingent firm solution. Additionally, the computer manufacturer reduced future compliance risk by partnering with HRworks and now has a proven solution in the company’s recruitment toolbox.

The HRworks recruitment team successfully emulated the client’s recruitment process, allowing for a seamless experience for both candidates and hiring managers. The partnership between the client and HRworks is poised to support the ongoing talent acquisition needs throughout the organization.

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