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National Bank Meets Federal Compliance with Customized Solutions

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A bank that provides the monetary backbone for community financial institutions struggled to implement compliant recruitment processes while keeping pace with the company's growth. The company had been utilizing internal corporate recruiters and traditional contingent search firms to meet its recruitment needs.

Since the bank did not have the internal recruitment bandwidth to support its growth, it needed to partner with a recruitment firm that could meet the company's talent acquisition objectives while ensuring compliance with the OFCCP's Internet Applicant and recordkeeping regulations.


The company chose to partner with HRworks due to the scalable recruitment processes provided and HRworks' expertise in recruitment compliance. To educate the company on recruitment governance, HRworks explained recruitment regulations and the definition of an Internet Applicant. These factors were discussed in-depth and the company was familiarized with the ways in which the regulations would internally and externally impact recruitment.

By applying the recruitment governance knowledge and leadership of HRworks, a customized training program was crafted to educate the company on the regulations.


Prior to working with HRworks, the company's recruitment process was not in compliance with the OFCCP's recruitment regulations and the bank was unable to meet its talent acquisition objectives. By partnering with HRworks, the company was able to gain valuable compliance knowledge to facilitate future recruitment initiatives while successfully filling positions nationwide.

Through HRworks' implementation of data management techniques and the introduction of recruitment technology, the client gained confidence in its recruitment practice and mitigated the risks associated with non-compliance.

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