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Data-Processing Firm Establishes Compliant Program

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Due to rapidly-changing recruitment compliance regulations, it is vital that companies are aware of the most recent governance modifications. When implementing recruitment initiatives, it is important for federal contractors to mitigate the risk of potential lawsuits due to non-compliance.

One of the world's largest transaction processing companies was faced with a situation in which its limited recruitment bandwidth could not match its rapid growth. Therefore, the company looked to hire a third party recruitment vendor that could provide a compliant solution to meet its business objectives.

Aware of the changing regulations in the recruitment industry, the company was determined to find a recruitment firm that could guarantee compliance while delivering interested and qualified candidates. Since the company is represented on the National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) Board of Directors and presides over the Atlanta Industry Liaison Group (AILG), they understand the importance of finding an OFCCP-compliant recruitment solution.


The company recognized that HRworks was a compliant solution for its recruitment initiative. This affordable solution would not only operate in compliance with government regulations, but would also act as a thought-leader regarding governance-related issues. HRworks facilitated compliance by implementing a centralized team of recruiters to operate within the company's applicant tracking system (ATS).

Aside from the compliant recruitment strategy developed specifically for the company, employees were also invited to attend HRworks' governance roundtables, where they were able to discuss changes in governance. Through this education, the company was able to familiarize itself with recruitment governance and build peer networks with other leading organizations.


The company was impressed with HRworks because the company's positions were filled in a compliant manner and they also gained knowledge to enhance the compliance of the company's own recruitment processes. Rather than risking non-compliance by hiring traditional search firms, the company chooses HRworks to augment their recruitment needs.

The best practices gained at the governance roundtables have improved the company's internal process. The company continues to look to HRworks for thought leadership and assistance in meeting recruitment objectives. The company's leadership roles in the NILG and AILG significantly impacted the decision to select HRworks for knowledge of compliant recruitment practices.

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