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New Federal Contractor Restructures Recruitment Process

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Government contractors must abide by certain recruitment governance regulations to ensure compliance.Upon becoming a government contractor, a large retailer was forced to familiarize itself with OFCCP regulations as well as introduce and implement a compliant recruitment process.

Since the retailer is one of the largest employers in the United States, it would be difficult to create a new recruitment process operating in compliance with current regulations.

Aware of the changing regulations in the recruitment industry, the company was determined to find a recruitment firm that could guarantee compliance while delivering interested and qualified candidates. Since the company is represented on the National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) Board of Directors and presides over the Atlanta Industry Liaison Group (AILG), they understand the importance of finding an OFCCP-compliant recruitment solution.


HRworks first analyzed the company's current recruitment practices to determine which areas needed restructuring to meet compliance regulations. HRworks developed a new process and educated the recruiters on governance, which included developing business rules for internal and external recruitment.

HRworks helped the company define an "applicant" and worked within the company's applicant tracking system (ATS) to be compliant. Additionally, when the "Internet Applicant" ruling was established in February 2006, HRworks helped update the company's recruitment process. HRworks also created an audit function to evaluate recruitment compliance and maintain the integrity of the process.


HRworks collaborated with the company to build an entire recruitment process. HRworks successfully assisted the company in migration of data, as updates to the ATS were needed to stay compliant. In addition, HRworks taught and continues to educate the company on how to post requisitions and maintain them through to hire.

As a result of working with HRworks, the company is able to execute and maintain a compliant recruitment process. The retailer continues to do significant business with the government sector and, through partnering with HRworks, has mitigated the risk associated with future compliance audits.

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