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European investors hoped to enter the United States market with a new retail concept. Although the company already had a senior leadership team in place, the company needed to build a corporate team, as well as in-store management teams and hourly sales teams for four stores hoping to open concurrently.

The company also needed to overcome the hurdle of selling this new concept to the talent pool. The company needed a recruitment firm with the ability to explain the store atmosphere, as well as sell an essentially non-existent vision to potential employees. Additionally, since the company needed to fill positions for buyers, planners, IT support, marketing and procurement, a recruitment firm with wide capabilities was imperative.


After selecting HRworks as a partner for this initiative, HRworks helped the company interview and fill management positions. Additionally, HRworks sourced specialty positions for the company and built relationships with trade schools and universities. By utilizing these techniques, HRworks gained access to top talent that could effectively launch the new company. Also, to facilitate the hiring process, HRworks developed questions and taught managers group interviewing techniques.

HRworks created a new store-opening recruitment process focused on customer service and selling skills. HRworks designed a referral process and managed employment branding. Additionally, to help the company meet all timelines, HRworks negotiated temporary workspace. HRworks collaborated with the Department of Labor to host job fairs on-site at the new store locations.


HRworks built the company's corporate team and successfully transferred the store-opening process, allowing the company to open new stores while HRworks focused on recruitment. HRworks helped the company simultaneously open the first four stores and lucratively enter the United States market.

Although HRworks' recruiters were forced to sell an unknown brand, HRworks attracted professional trade people and designers to work in a retail environment that was very different from their previous professions. Throughout the course of the project, HRworks helped the company hire nearly 500 associates.

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