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Pharmaceutical Company Creates Sales Team for New Drug Launch

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An international pharmaceutical company planned to launch a blockbuster cardiovascular drug in the United States. However, due to violation of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements, the company was deemed unable to launch any new drugs under the parent pharmaceutical firm.

In a creative move, the parent pharmaceutical firm identified a niche pharmaceutical firm that possessed the rights to launch new drugs in the U.S. Without successfully merging the two firms and launching a new sales force, the parent firm would not meet its aggressive sales plan.

If the parent pharmaceutical firm was unable to launch the drug on time, the firm would miss its sales plan by millions of dollars. Recognizing this as a special engagement with a very tight timeline, the parent pharmaceutical firm needed an experienced partner that understood mergers and acquisitions and could rapidly build a new sales team while simultaneously integrating the niche firm.


HRworks partnered with the parent pharmaceutical firm to ensure that the drug could be launched as planned. The comprehensive recruitment strategy included evaluating internal candidates from both firms as well as top talent from the market. HRworks collaborated with the senior leadership teams to develop hiring events across the United States. HRworks sourced interested and qualified candidates, set up interviews and facilitated the hiring events.

HRworks took considerable time to understand the firms' cultures and incorporate that knowledge into the interview process. HRworks assisted in creating a diverse workforce with model employees from both firms, as well as new talent from the market.


Within an 8-week time frame, HRworks successfully sourced and filled all regional and divisional sales manager positions. Additionally, HRworks supported the new district sales managers in filling the sales positions nationally.

HRworks' recruitment team integrated the wholly-owned subsidiary, allowing the parent firm to leverage its marketing knowledge and financial support to the new venture. The engagement was completed under budget and on-time, successfully launching the new drug and allowing the parent pharmaceutical firm to meet its sales plan.

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