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National Specialty Retailer Launches Major New Division

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A major specialty retailer launching a new corporate division based in New York City needed select talent from the existing organization blended with a new senior management team as well as extensive new positions. Timing of the launch was critical due to the competitive nature of the retail business combined with the visibility of New York City. Prior to public announcement, the retailer selected HRworks to help. The initial recruitment was confidential.

Working together with senior management, HRworks identified a comprehensive recruitment strategy that blended the existing talent with the new organizational chart. Probability of relocation to New York City was considered along with traditional workforce plans to identify the necessary recruitment strategy. By using this process, HRworks was able to anticipate talent needs, speed up the recruitment process and shorten the time needed to fill the positions.

Weeks later when the new brand was publicized, HRworks was thoroughly engaged in recruiting these unique, industry-specific positions as well as the functional support required to staff a major organization. The HRworks Project Manager supervised the integration of existing talent and recruitment across the enterprise, while the HRworks team directly sourced candidates. This single-point-of contact enabled the client's internal Human Resources team to focus on the complex logistics of opening a new division and onboarding new talent. The result was the rapid, smooth creation of a major new brand.

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