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Leading Grocery Chain Emerges From Bankruptcy

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A leading national grocery store chain was emerging from bankruptcy protection and needed to increase the quality of leadership talent in the organization. Due to the negative perceptions associated with bankruptcy, the company faced the hurdle of promoting the new opportunity to attract top talent.

Since the grocer was committed to raising the quality of talent while promoting its new brand, the company chose to partner with a recruitment firm that could overcome objections presented by candidates in the market, while maintaining focus on sourcing top talent.


HRworks recruited nationally to network for, source, and deliver top talent to the grocery store chain. Prior to launching recruitment, HRworks partnered with the client's executive management team to determine requirements and preferred qualifications for the open positions. The chain's CEO set the initiative to hire 50 new Store Directors by an agreed-upon date. To meet this challenge, HRworks collaborated with the grocer's Hiring Managers to identify interview dates, for which HRworks scheduled top Store Director candidates.

By working with the client's corporate management, HRworks developed strategies for overcoming potential candidate objections in the market, and sourced directly from competing grocery store chains. In presenting the new brand and vision of the grocer, HRworks was able to overcome any applicable candidate objections with the grocer's emergence from bankruptcy protection. Additionally, HRworks conversed with various leaders in the company to determine a consistent and positive message to deliver to potential candidates regarding their individual abilities to continue to drive the mission of the new brand.

Through researching the grocery chain's competition, HRworks was able to provide the client with invaluable competitive market information such as salary ranges, benefits and incentive packages offered by other competing grocers. This research enabled process improvements to be implemented to ensure that the company's hiring goals were met, while revising the Store Director position as appropriate to help ensure the retention of candidates that were hired into the program.


Through its multi-pronged talent acquisition strategy, HRworks improved the grocer's internal and external recruitment and hiring processes. By partnering with the executive leadership of the client, HRworks offers continued support to the grocery store chain's new initiatives, assisting them in rebuilding a leading brand.

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