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Creating an Innovative Recruitment Strategy to Access New Talent Pools

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As companies compete aggressively to acquire the right people to drive their business, they are faced with finding new and innovative sources of top-quality talent. As a solution, companies are strategically broadening their pools of leadership candidates to include non-traditional backgrounds and experience.

One company recently identified the military as a strategic talent pool for future business leaders, so it created a leadership training program for Junior Military Officers (JMOs). With a target of attracting hundreds of qualified JMOs, the success of the program depended on the company's ability to build and grow a pipeline of military talent and effectively identify, select, and hire the best military leaders.

In the past, companies resorted to expensive, specialized military search firms at a premium fee of 30 - 40 percent of annual salary on each hire. This is not only expensive, but traditional search firms lack the bandwidth to manage hundreds of candidates, move them quickly through to hire, and develop long-term relationships with the military for future recruitment. The company sought a new, more effective strategy to build a strong military pipeline and hire the best talent without breaking the bank.


HRworks partnered with this company to help customize an innovative JMO recruitment strategy that would ensure its client secured highly qualified military candidates, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional specialty search firm.

Drawing on its large team of recruiters, HRworks pulled together an experienced military recruitment team to execute a complex recruitment strategy with precision. This team actively and strategically sourced candidates from all branches of the military, including the military academies and transition offices. HRworks worked closely with the client's employment branding team to launch an aggressive, highly-targeted media campaign to build a pool of candidates. HRworks then streamlined the recruitment process by eliminating traditional headhunters and took the recruitment directly to the talent pool (the best talent doesn't want to work with a headhunter; they want to work with the company). HRworks functioned as a seamless extension of its client, representing the client with the candidates. Additionally, it leveraged the recruitment strategy to create an ongoing pipeline of military talent.


The partnership with HRworks ensured that its client gained access to and acquired hundreds of the best Junior Military Officers, and built a new pipeline of leaders for the organization. HRworks continues to support its client's recruitment needs, build on the innovative recruitment strategy, source and qualify top military talent, represent its client at military installations and job fairs, and maximize its client's return on investment.

As a result of the ongoing military recruitment strategy, the client was recognized by GI Jobs as the number one militaryfriendly company to work for in 2004.

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